The Kefar Masaryk Tourist Center offers a unique kibbutz experience to groups of youth
and adults from overseas, with professional guidance in English & other languages.
In the course of the tour, our guests will get acquainted with the legendary old-time kibbutz, as well as the nearby Natural Reserve, seeing pure green surroundings all over.

The Song of the Kibbutz

תיירות כפר מסריק

We set out for a journey into the 40's of the past century, to meet the beauty and simplicity of the kibbutz in its initial years. We'll pay a brief visit at Yitzhak's shoemaking workshop, the "commune" and laundry, the infants' house, and the old-time poultry incubator. Passing by the water tower, we'll interweave past and present by walking into a reconstructed shack – the first living quarters of our members. There we'll become familiar with terms such as "primus", "menashke", "fliet " & more. Along our tour, we'll encounter poems by famous Israeli poets, posted on the walls of several public buildings; visit the local art gallery focused on the integration of humans and nature, and our sculpture garden.

Walk along the Naaman Trail

תיירות כפר מסריק

Our walk on the restored trail along the Naaman creek and the Ein Nymphit Natural Reserve will be followed by listening to the story of compost, and learning about the success of a group of steadfast men and women in their struggle for preserving the natural environment and restoring this gorgeous reserve. In winter months we'll experience an extraordinary spectacle by watching nomad birds on their way from and to Europe. The tour will end at the art gallery, dedicated to the ongoing dialogue between humans and nature.

Workshops and Guided Visits

The Visitor Center offers a variety of colorful and enriching experiences by visiting one or more of the following workshops and encounters: an enchanting workshop of painting on ceramics and porcelain, thus turning the visit into a living dialogue with the renowned old-time Naaman porcelain – the first industrial enterprise of Kfar Masaryk and the entire Kibbutz Movement; a workshop on empowerment of women; ODT; harvesting & picking edible plants and fruits; cooking marvelous, tasty meals in a natural environment; public singing & live music.

Three additional, exceptional visits may be integrated in the excursions: the Duart enterprise, producer of special articles of decoration made from recycled paper; touring "My Second Childhood", a story of a woman's initiative and the revolving of various objects; paying a visit at the private home of one of our members who will present and speak about his lively and multifaceted art work in creating miniature articles, as well as distinctive jewelry.

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